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Free English translation on 9 October 2021.

The German-language document you may find here!

The World Heritage Site & The Culture Shock

The Table should finally be laid for the Starving World.......

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you very much for your mail.

Unfortunately, I have to inform you that the children in Africa will only have a fair chance to stay alive in the long run, and that only when you and others come to your senses again!

The children will be lost, as, incidentally, will everyone else, unless it will be nothing held against the spirit of the times finally. How this can be made possible is currently still being demonstrated and justified by my home pages.

There are also at least hundreds of contemporary witnesses from Luebeck who will also have lost their minds and therefore thousands of people have already died of starvation, thirst, frostbite or have fallen ill and died from lack of medical care! Of course, especially many children have become seriously ill or even died from the dirty drinking water, as any fool will know!

Just because here on the ground so-called persons who are in the circle in the matter do not tell the truth and only act in front of themselves and in front of others, very many people have already died, which can no longer be excusable!

Also, I cannot accept and use my hard-earned pocket money, because as a human being and as an Empress I would have to give it away immediately to the needed places, which you and others will know exactly, for moral reasons.

Naturally, I wanted to invest some of my pocket money back into the matter and commission through purposeful travel with a predetermined, changing tour group to foreign countries, and of course, include Africa.

This inevitable plan has already become a race against time as well, whereby it is no longer a matter of course, since here on the ground "half animals" have strained and are straining my health and my life, respectively continue to do so!

Because I am currently living in a former barracks and much has been done here against my health, the BGS and the Bundeswehr are offering themselves for my further disposal, so that the truth will finally come to light and my person U. S., the King J. P., will finally be able to be examined. , the King J. P. , the Emperor D. G. as well as the people of Luebeck themselves* respectively every person can follow this predetermination in the matter!

Pleading, begging and lamenting has long since come too late; now action must finally follow!

With kind regards Ursula Sabisch

               Empress, or better understandably Express!                

Luebeck, 17 October 2011   

HP: This is another letter which I have to make public due to time constraints. I hereby especially call on the contemporary witnesses and members of GMX to speak truthfully about extraordinary events; even if they should have a negative effect.

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